M&S was founded by Peter Park in 1998 operated out of its headquarters in Seoul, with operations in Ying Kou China, under the YMS tag. M&S has a global presence, with operations in China and Vietnam. His father Ken Park remains highly involved to this day, focusing on operations, and serving as chairman & COO. M&S has strived to exceed expectations in the glove, apparel, protection gear and accessories manufacturing marketspace, for premier action sports, motorsports and outdoor brands.

With offices in Korea, San Francisco, and Vermont, it enables us to have a global presence for seamless import and export. Our capacity to manufacture 200,000 pairs of gloves, 150,000 pieces of apparel, and 30,000 pieces of protection gear per month lets us handle large production runs with ease. But, the best part about our family-run factories in China and Vietnam, in addition to sewn products, is the near vertical integration of cutting- edge capabilities. Full control of the production process and quality control from start to finish, ensures that our clients’ products are produced properly. Almost all work is done in-house, including CNC machining of our own molds, plastic injection molding, sublimation, screen-printing (silicone print/PVC sol print), TPR mold production, direct-injection molding & mold making, embroidery, laser cutting & etching, hyperfusion welding technology, and more, which save time & energy, and ensure higher quality. OEM or ODM, our ISO management process improvement & certified facilities and expert development staff, make your design dreams a reality, across any category.

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