About Us

M&S works with internationally recognized brands in a variety of markets, including outdoor, ski & snowboard, mountain biking, and motorcycle.

Worldwide Locations

vietnam, china, vermont, korea, s. san francisco

Haidong, Vietnam

The main advantage to our facility in Haidong, Vietnam, is reduced labor cost over China, as well as high skill level of our production work staff, and reliable delivery schedules. As demand for production from Vietnam has increased, this location has been in transition to becoming our primary manufacturing location.
  • 54mi (1-2 hours) from Hanoi airport. Haipong is the seaport.
  • Approximately 800 workers including glove and garment teams.
  • Capacity/month: 200,000 pairs of gloves, 80,000 jerseys, 50,000 pairs of pants, 15,000 jackets, 20,000 pieces of protection gear.
  • Customers include: Answer, MSR, One Industries, AlpineStars, Dainese, Neff, Scott, and Fox Racing.
  • 6000 sqm (64,500 sqft), W. L. Gore Certified® facility.

Ying Kou City, Liaoning, China

Located in Ying Kou City, Liaoning, China, our original facility still houses our administration, sample room, and is home-base for our management, sourcing and merchandising teams.
  • Capacity/month: 6,000 jackets, 10,000 pair pants, 10,000 jerseys, 10,000 pieces of protection gear.
  • 2-3 hour drive from Dalian airport.

South San Francisco, CA, USA

Just a short drive from the SFO airport, our office is located in South San Francisco, CA. It allows us the ability to meet conveniently & work directly with your team between development trips overseas, to assist in product development, streamline shipments & customs clearance, and offer industry-leading design expertise. We also have a staff located near Burlington, Vermont, making it a bit easier to reach our east coast accounts.

South Korea

Our Koyang office in Korea has served for many years as our primary material sourcing hub, and gives us the advantage to pull the best raw materials from multiple markets.


Ken Park
Our inimitable and always fearless leader, founded our company over 40 years ago. He is a husband, proud father & grandfather. He splits his time between Indonesia & China, and occasional trips back to Korea to see family.

Peter Park
Ever on the quest for understanding & developing new processes and capabilities to offer our customers, Peter is the cheerful and pragmatic Director of Product Development, is also a husband and proud father of three, splitting his time between Vietnam, China & USA.